Various games & software programmed by me...

  • Net Memory.exe : Net Memory for Windows installation pack in english & dutch version

    Hanno's software

  • Net Memory .NET executable : a .NET version for Windows, programmed with Visual Studio Community 2017. If you choose port numbers 1200 and 1201 for example for user 1 and user 2, then these port numbers must be te reverse on the other end of the connection: 1201 & 1200 ! You can choose from animals, birds, flowers, alphabet, greek alphabet and numbers with different number of cards all integrated in 1 executable.

  • Memory Game executable : a Unity version for Windows (simple without Network capabilities), programmed with Visual Studio Community 2017 & Unity.

  • Net Memory Qt setup executable : another Net Memory for Windows version package in english & dutch. Programmed in C++ with Qt Creator by Digia(acquired Nokia). Included some animation. Tested on high resolution screens and Windows 10 !

  • Net Memory Qt setup on : version for Windows, link to the setup file on tucows.

  • Net Memory Qt setup at : version for Windows, link to the download at The Internet Archive

  • Net Memory Java.exe : alternative when Net Memory for Windows has problems. package in english & dutch version

    You can safely add to the site exception list in the java control panel security tab in order to run the following web start software: !

    Java web start version of Net Memory (click Launch to download/start!). Has been tested on an Apple/Macintosh and on Linux Mint 13 Maya Mate Edition 32 bit with Java 7 installed.

    Java web start version of Net Memory-54

    Java web start version of Net Memory-60

    Java web start version of Net Memory-66

    Java web start version of Net Memory-Alphabet

    Java web start version of Net Memory-Flowers

    Java web start version of Net Memory-Greek Alphabet

    Java web start version of Net Memory-Numbers

  • Net Memory for the Mac: : Doubleclickable Jar's for downloading on Apple computers

  • Net Hangman.exe : Net Hangman 2.0 beta : for 2 players on 1 or 2 pc's (in dutch: Galgje)

    Hanno's software
  • NetHangmanSetup.exe : Net Hangman 2.2 : made with Delphi Starter Edition

  • Net Mastermind : version 2.14 beta installation package in english and dutch. Improved user-friendly gameplay.
  • Net Mastermind for Netbooks : version 3.13 beta for windows in english and dutch. Smaller than above installation.

    Hanno's software

  • chat.exe : a (Indy 10) chat program version for e.g. Net Tic Tac Toe. Install it in the same path as the main program.

  • tictactoe.exe : Net Tic-Tac-Toe beta (in dutch: boter-kaas-en-eieren)

    Hanno's software
  • NetTicTacToeSetup.exe : Net Tic-Tac-Toe made with Delphi Starter Edition

  • Toss-up for chess, checkers or draughts
  • TosPlus :Toss-up plus scorekeeper, email me for a custom version

  • Clock.exe: A very big clock for windows :) version Double click for reverse colours
  • klok.exe: Een zeer grote klok voor windows (dutch) versie

    Hanno's software
  • Timer.exe: A very big timer for windows. version
  • Tijd.exe: Een zeer grote tijdopnemer voor windows versie (dutch)
  • Countdown.exe: A very big Countdown timer for windows.
  • Aftellen.exe: Aftellen voor windows. versie dutch..
  • Scrabble.exe: A Scrabble timer for windows. First adjust then start ! (right click)

  • Simon.exe : WinSimon 1.6 runs on my windows Vista laptop ok, not on my XP desktop properly. Installation pack in dutch and english.

    Hanno's software
  • A game called Simon, use the numeric keypad or arrow keys, run it in a dosbox
  • Simon, version with control keys: W,S,Z,A

  • Commodore 64/VICE/ Joystick version of Simon. Does work with the VICE c64 emulator if you first press F5 to switch to joystick mode. Then press F1 to start.
        In keyboard mode (F4) : keys W,S,Z & A are used.
  • Commodore 64 : My Own Composition from 1988
  • Commodore 64 : Scroller, text at $0400 end with @ and hit return
  • Commodore 64 : Scrollmagic 3D, type text and end with a space and @ or RUN/Reset then put text at $C400 and sys50146

  • Opmerkingen voor KPN gebruikers. Notes for KPN users in dutch.

    Tips: -Type ipconfig at the command prompt to discover your ip4 address to use with one of the games.
            - all games: make sure your font size is set to default 96 DPI: this can be achieved in vista: type font in control panel
            - Memory: first connect then start
            - Memory: don't play too fast, keep e.g. a minimum time interval of 1 second between mouseclicks
            - Memory: you can play it via internet and also by connecting a standard network cable (UTP) between 2 PC's or over a LAN.

    email me if you have questions:

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